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My code appears to be working correctly in the Xcode playground, with no errors; however does compile.

I get the following error after I enter my code and hit the "Recheck work" button: Bummer: Your code could not be compiled. Please click on "Preview" to view the compiler errors. There is no information (blank page) on the Preview / output.html ; My code appears to be working correctly in the Xcode playground, with no errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here my code:

struct Tag {
    let name: String
struct Post {
    let title: String
    let author: String
    let tag = Tag(name: "swift")

    init(title: String, author: String) {
        self.title = title = author

    func description() -> String {
        print ("\(title) by \(author). Filed under \(")
        return("\(title) by \(author). Filed under \(")


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Alex Koumparos
Alex Koumparos
Python Web Development Techdegree Student 35,918 Points

Hi Frank,

Are you sure you posted all your code? You're missing a final closing brace and you don't have either the firstPost or postDescription constants.

Also you have a couple of problems inside your struct. You've created a custom initaliser that takes just a title and an author. But by creating a custom initialiser, you lose the initialiser that Swift gives you for free. And the challenge checker expects to be able to create a struct by providing all the inputs.

For example, it might try to create a test struct with a title of "My Title", author of "My Author" and Tag with a name of "My Tag". It would then expect to get back a struct with matching properties. Your program would crash if given the described test case because you no longer have an initialiser that can accept values for all the struct's properties.

You should delete the custom initialiser and the hard-coded value for Tag.