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My code does not generate the list, what's wrong with it?

var playList = [ 'I Did It My Way', 'Respect', 'Imagine', 'Born to Run', 'Louie Louie', 'Maybellene' ];

function print(message) { document.write(message); }

function printList (list) { var listHTML = '<ol>'; for (var i = 0; i < list.length; i+= 1) { listHTML += '<li>'+ list[i] +'</li>'; } listHTML += '</ol>'; print(listHTML); }

printList (playlist);

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Sean T. Unwin
Sean T. Unwin
Treehouse Moderator 28,502 Points

Simple typo; no worries.

You missed capitalizing the "L" in playList.

//printList (playlist);
printList (playList);

Thank you Sean ! This was really helpful