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My code is not running correctly || there is a bug in workspaces;

Workspaces was down for "emergency maintenance" today and is now back up.

I'm following along with this video and the code is not printing to the screen correctly! I've even downloaded and copy/pasted the code from the teachers notes. However, when I save & preview it the random numbers do not print to the screen. Workspaces keeps crashing as well. :/


var upper = 10000; var randomNumber = getRandomNumber(upper); var geuss; var attempts = 0;

function getRandomNumber(upper) { return Math.floor( Math.random() * upper ) + 1; }

while ( guess !== randomNumber ) { guess = randomNumber(upper); attempts +=1; } document.write("<p>The Random Number was : " + randomNumber + "</p>"); document.write("<p>It took the computer " + attempts + "attempts to get it right.</p>");

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You created a variable named "geuss" but then make reference to one named "guess".

Also you attempt to call the variable "randomNumber" as a function, you probably meant to use the function named "getRandomNumber" instead.

this issue was on a video and not a challenge, I simply moved on. Thank you both for your answers!!