Python Python Collections (2016, retired 2019) Slices Slice Functions

My code works as expected in the REPL but not in the code challenge. Could this be a bug?

In task four I'm supposed to write a function called reverse_evens that takes a list of numbers and returns the list with only the even indexes and in reverse order. The code I tried does not solve the code challenge even though it works on its own in workspaces. Is there something I have missed or maybe I'm not understanding the question? Any help is appreciated.
def first_4(i):
    return i[:4]

def first_and_last_4(i):
    return i[:4] + i[-4:]

def odds(i):
    return i[1::2]

def reverse_evens(i):
    return i[-1::-2]

1 Answer

Try [1,2,3,4,5] as input. Then try [1,2,3,4]