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Devin Hight
Devin Hight
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My code works but I have a question

When I run my code in a text editor I just get

<re.Match object; span=(15, 64), match=', 555-555-5555>

instead of all the other information as well. Why is that? I thought it would display everyone's information in groups...

import re

string = '''Love, Kenneth,, 555-555-5555, @kennethlove
Chalkley, Andrew,, 555-555-5556, @chalkers
McFarland, Dave,, 555-555-5557, @davemcfarland
Kesten, Joy,, 555-555-5558, @joykesten'''

contacts ='(?P<email>[-\w\d.+]+@[-\w\d.]+),\s(?P<phone> \d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4})', string, re.X | re.M)

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Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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The function returns a match object containing the first matched occurrence. For multiple matching, see re.findall

Post back if you wish more information. Good Luck!!