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Pratik Pawde
Pratik Pawde
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My code works in workspace but shows an error in task

This code is working in workspaces bu not in the challenge. Can someone please help urgently.
# E.g. word_count("I do not like it Sam I Am") gets back a dictionary like:
# {'i': 2, 'do': 1, 'it': 1, 'sam': 1, 'like': 1, 'not': 1, 'am': 1}
# Lowercase the string to make it easier.
def word_count(string):
    list = string.split(" ")
    dictionary = {}
    for word in list:
        count = list.count(word) 
        dictionary[word.lower()] = count
    return dictionary

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You're really close! And the error message was giving you a hint: "Bummer: Hmm, didn't get the expected output. Be sure you're lowercasing the string and splitting on all whitespace!"

To split on "all whitespace", the argument to "split" should be left empty or set to "None".

And you could optionally lower-case the whole string at once instead of doing each word separately inside the loop.