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Python Dates and Times in Python (2014) Where on Earth do Timezones Make Sense? Introduction to Timezones

My naive timezon didn't throw an error like the instructor's; this whole date time module feels outdated.

Partway through the video, Kenneth creates a naive variable that he tries to call with the .astimezone() method.

I'm following along in the repl, and mine doesn't error out.

Is this a version thing? Is this because the time that datetime he's using in the video was later than when the video was published, and now it's in the past?

Why do I have to keep looking outside of Treehouse for answers for problems I'm having with your classes?

I'm pretty bummed with this track. I started learning python with this track years ago when Kenneth was the instructor for the whole thing. My need to learn python took a backseat in my life, and I've regained interest.

It was cool to see that the track had been improved and expanded - The first few modules with Craig are awesome. I say that as someone who's created & given classes through years of military service, and now within the tech sector. Craig's classes were well paced, had substantial and useful notes, had code challenges and quizzes that covered material that he had gone over in detail in his classes.

The projects Craig covered were broken down into small chunks so that students could work through that material on their own, and then unpause the video to weigh that small chunk against Craig's solution.

The rest of this track is paced differently, and clearly did not go through the same quality check.

The teachers notes grew more sparse throughout the modules, some of the code challenges have included things not covered in videos, and the end of course videos weren't broken down at the same pace.

I could play the devil's advocate a bit and say -- well, Craig covered how to break down coding problems and use resources and the help function, so it's a learning experience in later modules to put those skills to the test!

But at the end of the day -- no thanks. I'm paying for this treehouse subscription because this website generally has high quality content, and I'm willing to pay to learn -- from YOUR INSTRUCTORS & COURSES.

If I'm made to refer to docs or videos or whatever else outside of Treehouse to learn anything about what's covered in classes -- with the exception of any links provided in teacher's notes -- What are we paying for? What am I paying for?

I'm new to Python programming -- that's why I'm working through this Beginner's track. After Craig's modules, each subsequent module has felt less and less "Beginner" to the point that I'm unsure if the subject of working with Dates & Times is an advanced concept that maybe doesn't belong in this track, or if every module past Craig's needs to be reviewed to a common standard so that it's taught in a more full "Beginner" manner.

I'm further bummed because this is SUCH an amazing site & community here. The classes, with the accompanying workspaces, the community at large -- it's all truly amazing. When developed correctly, this site engages learners visually, auditorily, and tactilely (or as much as one can with programming), and integrates the community in such a brilliant way to simplify asking for help, and encourage students. That's why I've kept coming back to Treehouse over the years.

But at this point, I'm leaning on outside resources enough in learning python, I'd rather just nix my subscription and learn elsewhere with free resources.

If what I'm saying here doesn't make sense -- Watch Craig's modules. Take note of the pace at which he teaches, the length of his videos, and the content covered in his code challenges and quizzes. Take note of how many of his classes include Teacher's notes -- which are auxiliary to what he's covered, to expand on his lesson, but not imperative most of the time. Take note of how he breaks down his projects, and his later videos. Take note of how he opens a workspace, and walks students along with everything he's doing -- rarely, if ever, does he drop into a pre-populated workspace, or one with the repl already open & running.

And then review the rest of this track against that standard.

1 Answer

Steven Parker
Steven Parker
230,024 Points

Try using the Workspaces to confirm if the issues you are experiencing are a result of version differences. The Workspace should operate exactly like the video examples.

Then, if you have any issues pop up in the workspace, you can easily make a snapshot of your workspace and post the link to it here so folks can take a look.