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Christoph Ruepprich
Christoph Ruepprich
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My output is correct, but my answer isn't accepted.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

The error is: "Bummer: Hmm, didn't get the expected output. Be sure you're lowercasing the string and splitting on all whitespace!"
# E.g. word_count("I do not like it Sam I Am") gets back a dictionary like:
# {'i': 2, 'do': 1, 'it': 1, 'sam': 1, 'like': 1, 'not': 1, 'am': 1}
# Lowercase the string to make it easier.

starg = "I want the apple the orange the banana"
dictionary = {}

def word_count(string):
    string = string.lower().split(" ")
    for item in string:
        if item in dictionary:
            dictionary[item] = dictionary[item] + 1
            dictionary[item] =  1
    return dictionary

varb = word_count(starg)
print (varb)

1 Answer

Just put the dictionary into the function