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Umair iqbal
Umair iqbal
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My reminders app is working but when I EXIT the app it shows me the keyword it self

What's wrong

Umair iqbal
Umair iqbal
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We need to make a list to hold on to our stuff

Reminder_list = []

we need to print instructions

print("What should I remind you of?") print( "Enter 'EXIT' to exit the list.")

we need to ask for new items

while True: new_item = input("> ") #We need to be able to quit the app if new_item == "EXIT": break #We need to be able to add new items to the list Reminder_list .append(new_item)

#We need to print the list print(" I will remind you of the following:") for items in Reminder_list: print(items)

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Ari Misha
Ari Misha
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Hiya Umair! Maybe you're not capturing the "input" and controlling the flow of inputs using "if" loop. Maybe not. But you should definitely paste your code here so that we can be more helpful. (:

James Correnti
James Correnti
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Can you post your code in a more readable format? It is hard to trouble shoot without seeing it. You can use markdown to make your code more readable (Markdown cheetsheet), I wrote up what I think you were trying to accomplish like this:

reminders = []

print("What do you want to be reminded of? \nType 'EXIT' to quit")

while True:
    inputs = input("> ")
    if inputs == 'EXIT':

for item in reminders: