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JavaScript Object-Oriented JavaScript (2015) Practice Project Project Overview

Kevin Bullis
Kevin Bullis
13,770 Points

My solution. I think I'm missing the point of prototypes.

My solution, below, works. But I think I may be missing the point of prototypes. Will my code only run on the instance of quiz I made, quiz1? I tried changing all the "quiz1." in my functions to "this." to make it more flexible, but then the code didn't work anymore.

Also, my solution to the Quiz project works in Brackets and in Work Spaces previews, but not in Code Pen. Any idea why?

I'll try pasting the javascript below.

I had to add a .hidden style (display set to none) to the CSS, and jquery links to the html

<script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.3.js"></script>
<script src="quiz.js"></script>

Here's the javascript, all in one file, quiz.js


//template for questions/answers

function Question(question, choice0, choice1, correctChoice) {
  this.question = question;
  this.choice0 = choice0;
  this.choice1 = choice1;
  this.correctChoice = correctChoice;

//storage for Quiz questions and counters

function Quiz() {
  this.questions = [];
  this.arrayIndex = 0;
  this.correctAnswersCounter = 0;


//  create instances of Question

var question1 = new Question("How many sides does a triangle have?", "3", "24", "choice0");

var question2 = new Question("Is Catwoman hanging from the ceiling?", "no", "yes", "choice1");

var question3 = new Question("Is this quiz awesome?", "Yes", "No", "choice0");

var question4 = new Question("Does the carpet cleaner work?", "Yes", "No", "choice1");

var question5 = new Question("Does this quiz really work?", "No", "Yes", "choice1"); 

var question6 = new Question("How many questions can I add?", "As many as I want.", "No more than 5.", "choice0");

//  create an instance of Quiz

var quiz1 = new Quiz();

////////////Prototype Methods/////////////

//Add question/answers to the quiz.

Quiz.prototype.addQuestion = function (questionAnswer) {


//changing the page

  //functions for showing and hiding elements

Quiz.prototype.sendHTML = function () {
  var questionNumber = quiz1.arrayIndex + 1;
  $("footer").html("Question " + questionNumber + " of " + quiz1.questions.length + ".");

Quiz.prototype.hideQuizElements = function () {

Quiz.prototype.showQuizElements = function () {

Quiz.prototype.showNextButton = function () {

Quiz.prototype.hideNextButton = function () {

Quiz.prototype.showFinalButton = function () {

Quiz.prototype.hideFinalButton = function () {

Quiz.prototype.activateAnswerButtons = function () {
  $("#guess0").on("click", quiz1.checkAnswer);
  $("#guess1").on("click", quiz1.checkAnswer);

Quiz.prototype.clearButtonClasses = function () {
  $("#guess0").removeClass("btn--success btn--error").html("Select Answer");
  $("#guess1").removeClass("btn--success btn--error").html("Select Answer");

  //Adding and removing from DOM

Quiz.prototype.firstLoadQuestionsPage = function () {

//quiz mechanics

//  checking the answers

Quiz.prototype.checkAnswer = function () { //what happens when you click on one of the quiz answers
  var correct = quiz1.questions[quiz1.arrayIndex].correctChoice;
  if ($(this).prev().attr("id") === correct) {
    quiz1.correctAnswersCounter += 1;
  } else {
    $(this).addClass("btn--error").html("Bummer! That's the wrong answer.");

Quiz.prototype.loadNextSetOfQuestions = function () {
  console.log("click is working");
  quiz1.arrayIndex += 1;
  if (quiz1.arrayIndex < quiz1.questions.length) {
  } else {

// method to hide the quiz and load a summary page
Quiz.prototype.loadFinalPage = function () {
  $("#score").html("You got " + quiz1.correctAnswersCounter + " right out of " + quiz1.questions.length + " questions.");
  console.log("We've reached the end");

// method to start the quiz over again
Quiz.prototype.takeAgain = function () {

//adding buttons

Quiz.prototype.addStartButton = function () {
  var p = '<p></p>',
    start = '<button id="start" class="btn--default">Start quiz</button>';
  $("#quiz").append(p, start);
  $("#start").on("click", quiz1.firstLoadQuestionsPage);

quiz1.addStartButton(); //to have a start button on the page to start with.

Quiz.prototype.addNextButton = function () {
  var p = '<p></p>',
    nextButton = '<button id="nextButton" class="btn--default">Next</button>';
  $("#quiz").append(p, nextButton);
  $("#nextButton").on("click", quiz1.loadNextSetOfQuestions);

Quiz.prototype.addFinalPageButton = function () {
  var p = '<p></p>',
    finalButton = '<button id="finalButton" class="btn--default">See how you did</button>';
  $("#quiz").append(p, finalButton);
  $("#finalButton").on("click", quiz1.loadFinalPage);

Quiz.prototype.addTryAgainButton = function () {
  var p = '<p></p>',
    restart = '<button id="restart" class="btn--default">Try again?</button>';
  $("#quiz").append(p, restart);
  $("#restart").on("click", quiz1.takeAgain);