My SQL professor said that Oracle RDBMS requires Windows O/S but I have a macbook with windows O/S on it, would it work?

Question 1: The professor of the SQL course that I'm enrolled in at school, said that Oracle RDBMS requires Windows O/S but I have a MacBook with Windows 10 option installed on it, would it work?

Question 2: Also is there a course here that I can help me for that(read the description of what I need to learn below)? I am also new to programming

Here is what the course in my school is looking like:

Course Description ISDS 402 is an upper division course in modern database management systems. The overarching goals of this course are to introduce you to the fundamental concepts underlying the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of modern databases. This course will also familiarize you with how databases are leveraged by organizations to enable their day-to-day operations, enhance their managerial decision-making activities, and improve their competitive positions. Throughout this course you will learn about many aspects of modern database management including: • Database fundamentals • The relational database model • The structured query language (SQL) • Data modeling and the entity-relationship (ER) model • Database design • Database administration • Database processing applications • Database processing for business intelligence (BI) applications Required Technologies and Skills • OracleRDBMS,OracleSQLDeveloper,OracleSQLDeveloperDataModeler,text editor (e.g., Notepad) and word processor (e.g., MS Word) will be used to create the required assignment deliverables. Note: Oracle RDBMS requires Windows O/S. • You must possess the required skills to use the software noted above. • You must have access to the latest version of the software mentioned above, which can be obtained free of charge through MSDNAA network or the Oracle website.

Week Title Reading due Assignment Due 1 8/24/2019 Course Overview Software Installation Demo Database Systems Syllabus Chapter 1 2 8/31/2019 Data Models Chapter 2 3 9/7/2019 The Relational Database Model Chapter 3 Install “SQL Developer Data Modeler” 4 9/14/2019 Entity Relationship (ER) Modeling Chapter 4 Project #1 available 5 9/21/2019 Advanced Data Modeling Exam #1 (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4) Chapter 5 6 9/28/2019 Normalization of Database Tables Chapter 6 7 10/5/2019 Normalization of Database Tables Chapter 6 Project #1 due Project #2 available 8 10/12/2019 Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) Chapter 7 9 10/19/2019 Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) Chapter 7 Group project available 10 10/26/2019 Advanced SQL Exam #2 (Chapters 5, 6, 7) Chapter 8 Project #2 due 11 11/2/2019 Advanced SQL Chapter 8 12 11/9/2019 Database Design Business Intelligence and Data Warehouses Chapter 9 Chapter 13 Last day to approve group projects 13 11/16/2019 Big Data and NoSQL Chapter 14 14 11/23/2019 Group presentations 15 11/30/2019 No Class 16 12/7/2019 Group presentations 16 12/14/2019 Final Exam (All chapters)