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Hui Zheng
Hui Zheng
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My student list didn't print

I was following alone with this exercise, and I did everything according to the video step by step except I only added three object literals to my array. Nevertheless, everything else I did was exactly as what was instructed from the video. When I opened up the browser, only the student title was displayed but the student list didn't appear.

Can you post a snapshot of your workspace? It is the camera icon in the upper right corner.

1 Answer

I found three things to fix:

(1) Missing end quote for 'output' in print function

(2) Missing closing curly brace for print function

function print(message) {
  var outputDiv = document.getElementById('output');
  outputDiv.innerHTML = message;

(3) Missing script reference for students_report.js in index.html

<script src="js/students.js"></script>
<script src="js/students_report.js"></script>