JavaScript AJAX Basics (retiring) Programming AJAX Stage 2 Challenge Answer

My version of the loops

Just thought I'd share my version of the code that generates the list items. Quite proud of it!

var roomsHTML = '<ul class="rooms">';

for (var i = 0; i < rooms.length; i += 1) {
  roomsHTML += '<li class="' + (rooms[i].available === true ? 'empty' : 'full') + '">' + rooms[i].room + '</li>';

roomsHTML += '</ul>';

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Nice use of the ternary. :+1:   But you never need to compare a boolean to "true", so you can simplify it to this:

    rooms[i].available ? 'empty' : 'full'

Thanks for the great feedback! I suppose my thinking at the time was that the content of rooms[i].available may not necessarily be boolean. In this case it is, so yeah I should have left that out!