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Adam Beer
Adam Beer
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Can anyone help me? My steps and the console responses.

  1. step : npm install -g yo
  2. step : npm install -g generator-meanjs

And it works fine until the last question : Would you like to generate the chat example module? I wrote Yes.

Console wrote to me

Running npm install for you...

This may take a couple minutes...

Maybe one minutes later give me a very big error pile :D

I was looking for the solution and found it the node-gyp

So my 3. step: npm install -g node-gyp


C:\Users\BeerQ\Desktop\Mean Stack>yo meanjs
You're using the official MEAN.JS generator.
? What mean.js version would you like to generate? 0.4.0
? In which folder would you like the project to be generated? This can be changed later. mean
Cloning the MEAN repo.......
Error: Command failed: git clone --branch v0.4.0 mean
fatal: destination path 'mean' already exists and is not an empty directory.

I copied this section git clone meanjs and past in to Git Bash. The Git cloning into 'meanjs' to my porject. Why? Where did the errors go? What happend? Thanks for the help!