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Wilson Usman
Wilson Usman
35,206 Points

NameError in Statuses#index 'Creating Friendships'

Showing /Users/Wilson/Projects/treebook/app/views/statuses/index.html.erb where line #11 raised:

undefined local variable or method `gravatar_url' for #<#<Class:0x007fcdebbed668>:0x007fcdebccfd60>

  <div class="status">
    <div class="row">
    <div class="span1">
        <%= image_tag status.user gravatar_url %>
        <div class="span7">
           <strong><%= status.user.full_name %></strong>

Everything else is to the tee, I've even downloaded the project file to verify it's identical, but I can update this discussion if you think it might be wrong.

After running test/controllers/statuses_controller_test.rb

Finished tests in 0.410229s, 34.1273 tests/s, 80.4429 assertions/s.

1) Error: StatusesControllerTest#test_should_get_index:
ActionView::Template::Error: undefined local variable or method `gravatar_url' for #<#    <Class:0x007fe5a22d64e8>:0x007fe5a40f4e98>
app/views/statuses/index.html.erb:11:in `block in  _app_views_statuses_index_html_erb__1664802938112526502_70312138456340'
app/views/statuses/index.html.erb:7:in `_app_views_statuses_index_html_erb__1664802938112526502_70312138456340'
app/controllers/statuses_controller.rb:9:in `index'
test/controllers/statuses_controller_test.rb:9:in `block in <class:StatusesControllerTest>'

14 tests, 33 assertions, 0 failures, 1 errors, 0 skips

3 Answers

It should be: status.user.gravatar_url

Wilson Usman
Wilson Usman
35,206 Points

Still getting the same error.

undefined method `gravatar_url' for nil:NilClass

It's a different error. Before it didn't recognise the gravatar_url method. Now it's saying the user object is nil. Have you set up the associations in the user class and the status class? Is the database in a consistent state, i.e. the user_id values in the statuses table exist in the users table?