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Caspar Claessen
Caspar Claessen
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Nav items not aligned

Fellow Treehouse-students,

I can't fix my nav items. They do not appear on the same line. I have tried to play around with the display: inline-block element but I haven't found a solution. Somebody who can help me align the 'Best City Guide' and the Navigation Items on the right?

Here is my workspace: https://w.trhou.se/dkbj2decx0

Looking forward to an answer!

Regards, Caspar Claessen

Adam Futrell
Adam Futrell
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When you say that they do not appear on the same line, do you mean that the nav items (class="main-nav") do not appear on the same line as the h1 element (class="name")?

2 Answers

Alex Watts
Alex Watts
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Hi Caspar,

By default any heading tags i.e. h1, h2 etc... have a set top and bottom margin. This can be seen by looking at the element in your browsers console. To resolve this issue you can remove its margin (see code below):

h1 {
 margin: 0px;

Make sure this code goes somewhere at the top of your CSS file :) I see you have set a margin just under your header for spacing. It would be best if you got rid of this and used padding instead (see below):

.main-header {
  text-align: center;
  margin-bottom: 30px;
 padding-top: 30px;
 padding-bottom: 30px;

This code will add additional spacing above and below your header. P.S. You don't need the text-align: center; it does nothing.

Hope this helps! Your doing great!

Louise Rollins
Louise Rollins
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I was able to fix that issue by applying the clearfix class to my HTML <header> ... it worked, but is that bad practice?