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Navigation not showing in Workspace

I have gone through these videos twice trying to find when we added Navigation. We have not added it, the Workspace is wrong and needs to be updated.

Sheila Anguiano
Sheila Anguiano
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Hi Chantal,

From time to time teachers would do this, but you can always look at the code and experiment with it. For the city guide project, the navigation bar is inside the <header> tag and is using the container and main-nav classes, so is checking those classes in the CSS Base Layout Styles and the Media Queries one.

Is a subtle way to let you find it for yourself and start experimenting

Hi Sheila! I'm not sure if your response makes sense. I had been following along to a "T" until this video and then all of a sudden, extra text had been added. I had to start and pause the video quickly to find out where the mixing text went. When it said to "Launch New Workspace" it did not show everything Guil was showing. I believe this is an error on the Treehouse end and not a test of how much we have learned.

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Stephen McBride
Stephen McBride
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Hi there, had the same issue with this too. I have just manually added it in but it is missing when you load it up.