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Need a copy of his workspace

My workspace is messed up and saved so I can't follow along unless i do 2 modules all again.

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Cameron Childres
Cameron Childres
Treehouse Moderator 11,666 Points

Hi Jason,

If you delete your workspace and launch a new one from this video it should start with the code you need.

To delete your workspace:

  • Click on "Workspaces" from the main Team Treehouse menu
  • Find this workspace in the list (title will include "Targeting Media Features")
  • Click the trash icon to the right and confirm the action

Then just load up this video, click "launch workspace", and you should be good to go! Let me know if you run in to any trouble.

I did do this but I feel as this workspace is built upon throughout the module that it loads a previous one, and my mistakes have been on going throughout so I cannot get hold of a "standard/tutor like copy" :-(

Cameron Childres
Cameron Childres
Treehouse Moderator 11,666 Points

Did you delete your workspace before loading it? If you delete the workspace first then it will launch a fresh copy that is up to date with this lesson, none of your "mistakes" (learning experiences!) will be there.

When I launch a fresh workspace from this video (after deleting the one I already had saved) it starts with all the code from just one video prior. To get it to completely match this next video you'll just have to copy a couple lines from the previous video, What are Media Queries. Here's a copy of my freshly launched workspace, does yours look like this?

Oh thank you your a life saver, I just copied and paste... I dont know how it got messed up... I still feel very silly programming its my third time through css