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Need advice to build a web app...

Hi guys! I work in a company, which has several hundred buildings in property and lease them to different people and organizations. Work is organized through different Excel tables, tech plans, photos and stuff like that are located separately on disk, which is not always very convenient.

So I want to build an app with an authorization for allowed users. This app will allow user to see all buildings company has, with all corresponding lease contracts and relative information. The user must be allowed to add/edit/delete building/contracts, edit information, upload photos and scans. I would also like to add some visual statistics based on the information in app.

So what technologies should I use to build such an app?

Thanks in advance for your reply

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Shaun Edwards
Shaun Edwards
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i would say if you want the authorization and the ability to add edit and delete then maybe try php dependent on if its a web based app