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Michael Zito
Michael Zito
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Need assistance

I've completed this lesson due to a series of correct guesses. Therefore wanted to try it again, and seems I can't figure it out even after reviewing previous lessons. Any pointers?

function getYear() {
  var year = new Date().getFullYear();
  return year;
var yearToday();
return (getYear());
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2 Answers

Hey Michael! You got the function correct, the only problem is the final step, it is asking you to create a new variable called "yearToday" and store what is returned from the function inside that variable. This should look something like;

yearToday = getYear();

Calling the getYear() function, will return whatever year it is to the variable. Hope this helps!

Dávid Molnár
Dávid Molnár
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Hello Michael, I guess you wanted to write a function or a variable here instead of calling it:

var yearToday();
return (getYear());

var yearToday = getYear();

Anyway these two line are useless in this concept and you didn't add anything to see the result of your work. I suggest you using console.log(getYear()); so you'll see if it's working in debugger. (open Chrome => ctrl + shift + i => console).