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need help

dont get it
# squared(5) would return 25
# squared("2") would return 4
# squared("tim") would return "timtimtim"

def squared(a):
        return int(a) * int(a)
    except ValueError:


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Your statement in the try code block is fine, but you still need to handle the situation where you can't convert the argument into an integer in the except code block (You also don't need to include TypeError in the Except block). The instructions say that if you can't convert argument to an integer then you need to multiply the argument by the length of the argument. Remember the method for checking the length of something in python is len().

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In the except code block, try: print( a * len(a))

Close. You don't need to print this. You need to return the value. Also you don't need a second try in the in the except code block. Your entire function should look something like this:

def squared(arg):
        #Attempt to multiply the int version of the provided argument by the int version of itself

        #if an exception is thrown in the try statement because the argument cannot be converted to an int
        #run the code here to multiply the argument by the length of the argument.
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Yes, in the exception block the only line needed is either: print (a * len(a)) or return (a * len(a)) depending on whether or not the instructions require the value to be printed or returned.

I meant "try writing this line of code in the exception block", not add a "try" in the exception block.

My apologies for the confusion.