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Dan Holroyd
Dan Holroyd
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Need help grabbing item from string

So I've stored the random number in the variable 'pick' and that's all well and good, but I can't remember the syntax for grabbing that position from the string, and what I have isn't working.
import random

def random_item(nasgul):
    pick = random.randint(0, len(nasgul)-1)
    return nasgul.index(pick)
# random_item("Treehouse")
# The randomly selected number is 4.
# The return value would be "h"

1 Answer

Manish Giri
Manish Giri
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For all iterables, like strings and lists, you specify the name of the iterable, and then the position in the iterable inside [ ] - so like my_string[3].