iOS Swift Collections and Control Flow Control Flow With Loops For In Loops

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Jhoan Arango
Jhoan Arango
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Hello Kolade,

I would really like to see you try, and show us your coding on here based on what you've learned.

Here is the code for what the challenge is asking:

// Enter your code below
var results: [Int] = []

for multiplier in 1...10 {
  let multiple = multiplier * 6

But keep in mind that just asking how to solve an issue is not the best way of doing it. Just give it a try, post your current code on here, and we can help you find where your problem is, this way you can focus more on what you've done wrong and not on how to just solve it.

Good luck

kolade adekoya
kolade adekoya
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thank you for your response. your'e very correct. I actually solve it and clear the screen before asking for help but your approach makes alot of sense. thanks again for helping