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Peerapat Duangsamorn
Peerapat Duangsamorn
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Need help with this challenge! Challenge tells me to try again.

I've check in the 'Preview' and things looks fine, but wont et me pass.

//edit this array
$contacts = array('Alena Holligan', 'Dave McFarland', 'Treasure Porth', 'Andrew Chalkley');
$contacts = array(
  array('name' => 'Alena Holligan', 'email' => ''),
  array('name' => 'Dave McFarland', 'email' => ''),
  array('name' => 'Treasure Porth', 'email' => ''),
  array('name' => 'Andrew Chalkley', 'email' => ''),
echo "<ul>\n";
//$contacts[0] will return 'Alena Holligan' in our simple array of names.
echo "<li>" . $contacts[0]['name']. " : " . $contacts[0]['email'] . "</li>\n";
echo "<li>" . $contacts[1]['name']. " : " . $contacts[1]['email'] . "</li>\n";
echo "<li>" . $contacts[2]['name']. " : " . $contacts[2]['email'] . "</li>\n";
echo "</ul>\n";

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Juan Lopez
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Juan Lopez
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Hello looks like you forgot the h in Treasure's last name for her email address.

As well as you'll need another li to echo out Andrew Chalkley information.