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Manish Giri
Manish Giri
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Need more diagrammatic representation/explanation of the desired functionality instead of diving into code right away

I'm not sure how to accurately describe this, but after a certain point, it gets really hard to figure out what exactly it is that we are building. The last few videos about the "slug" and vote-count (starting with about the 2nd-3rd video in the "Bells and Whistles" section) features, and the ability to add votes, have all been a big blur. All you did was throw out a one-liner stating "we'll be building XYZ feature", and immediately started writing the code for it.

It's obvious that you're just writing code that's already available to you beforehand, but that's not really a great way to create a tutorial, especially for someone who's just starting out learning these technologies. Instead, a better approach would have been to first start out with an architecture diagram of what it is that we're attempting to build, and how it ties into the rest of the current application. As an example, you just started writing the code for the ideas (and votecount) template, and only after looking at the HTML structure, could one figure out what exactly you were trying to build. It should ideally be the other way around - you start out with a diagram or the layout of what you're trying to build, and then you write the code for it.

At this point, it's become really hard to keep track of what it is that we're attempting to build. You're just introducing new features in every video, and immediately diving into the code for it.

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Lucas Endres
Lucas Endres
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Yeah I am also having trouble following the actual intent here. A UML of what we are aiming for would be SO helpful. I don't even understand how the different parts of this application work, i just know that I typed in the code and suddenly idea.hbs is able to pull info from my class? I get that we put something named "idea" in our model, but how does that access data from a class?

A real diagram for our MVC would be so unbelievably helpful here..