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Need to learn web design in 3 months

I am nervous and excited. I am currently 12 classes from my Industrial Design degree, and I have a certificate in interior design. Being in interior and industrial I've picked up graphic design skills, and have worked as a marketing assistant/graphic designer for Aramark in the past.

Currently I work for an SEO company and we only have one in-house web developer. My boss loves my graphic design stuff that I've done for him and now he's asked me to be a back-up web designer/developer when our in-house developer overseas gets backed up. I need a way to expedite learning. I like using Adobe Illustrator more than Photoshop, but my cousin who is a web developer said Photoshop is more web friendly. Anyway I'm always excited to learn new web skills. I remember doing some basic HTML I picked up from a friend during the Myspace days.

Tell me about your web development learning experience. What has helped you? How many full sites have you developed and how long have you been doing it?

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Hi! I'd advise just going through a learning adventure or 2 and try to figure out what you need accomplished. If you just need html and css then I'd start at that learning adventure and maybe for the sake of expediting do the web designer course skipping over the section about design that includes color theory (because I'm assuming as an interior and industrial designer you have that foundation). If you need development I'd probably then hop over to php developer afterwards. But the real thing you need to do is sit down and figure out how fast you can learn material and how long you are able to devote to it. I've figured out that I can normally knock out 3 badges a day with earning extras some days. I'm 2 days away from having completed a whole month. Once you figure out your pace and your timeline prioritize what you really need to know in 3 months and work towards getting things done in the order you listed. A couple of really good things to mention about switching over from Lynda.com (where I was studying before treehouse too), is that with treehouse once you complete a section it's done. You don't have to relearn the same CSS principles over and over again or the same HTML. Plus unlike lynda.com they don't throw you into the next concept until you can prove you understand the previous. So I guess my advice is to start figuring out what you need ASAP and what you can wait a little longer on, prioritize, figure out your pace, and then plan to do what you can to make the goal happen. Make your attack plan and you may find that it goes a lot smoother than you might have thought.

Martina Carrington
Martina Carrington
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Thanks MissyBunnie . that is a great advice

It is not hard to learn the basics but those more advanced stuff is not quite simple to learn. I would suggest you to learn basics on w3school and for those more advance stuff you use original web sites (like for learning php use php.net). And to install and get prepared you (by my opinion) should use youtube.

If you have any question contact me (leo@grc.hr), and if I can help you I will :)

Awesome, thank you Leo :-) How much of teamtreehouse.com have you used? What has it helped you with? What are your goals in development?

I have been registered to teamtreehouse.com for like 5 hours and I'm impressed with tutorials. They are amazing and there is much to learn on teamtreehouse.com. It can help you to learn what you want. My goals in development are that I want to become a real developer, and open my company. I can develop an app but my problem is desing and I'm not able to learn how to make real good-looking desing. I have idea but I'm not able to create on my PC that I've made on paper :-(

I hope that you will learn every thing you want to :-)

yes, team treehouse has great stuff! I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses...are any of your friends designers?

What kind of app will it be? a game? I hope so too :-) I will definitely hold onto your e-mail

I don't personally know any graphic desinger. I know a lot of photographs but they are doing only photography not the graphic desing. App won't be a game, it will be a mobile app, but I don't need graphic only for app creating I need it to start a company that will create a web sites. I have already created some web sites and I have my own CMS.

Chris, welcome to Treehouse. I would suggest that you complete the Learning Adventures that Treehouse offers. The videos are great and the tests are always waiting for you. When I started learning about the web in the late 90s and early 2000s', we did not have such a great resource as this training aid.

Remember to get good at something, you need to put the time in. I understand you need to get this done in a crunch, so get started right away. You will be actively working on code as you learn. Once you understand the theory, start a simple project of your own and complete it. You will soon become proficient with how things work and the next time you go to build something it will be that much easier.

Thanks Jonathan. Yes I've already completed a few. I signed up yesterday! Treehouse is amazing, and it's so much more interactive and not as boring as Lynda.com in my opinion where you're kind of more independent. I like having my hand held through this, and I love the pace, problem solving of it all. I've signed up for Lynda.com for mostly learning 3D rendering software in the past but yeah, I felt like I've learned so much already. Passed 2 challenges and ready for the next, learning more and more CSS :-)

This is really great advice! Yes, I feel like with Lynda.com you never know when you're done or when to move on. Here it mimicks "formal schooling" which I like. Even if you don't master everything if you pass with enough cred you can move on. Great point!!! I voted this as the best answer so far. Yes I do know a lot of color theory. My goal is to be able to build websites for our small business clients (lawyers, plumbers, landscapers). I'm not sure how much JavaScript I'll need but HTML + CSS are my priority now.