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Ryan Mouser
Ryan Mouser
Treehouse Staff

Networking Thursday - February 11th ā€“ Connect with other Treehouse Students!

Networking Thursday

Hey Treehouse Students!

Welcome back to another Networking Thursday, where you can make connections with other Treehouse Students!

Scroll down to learn about our LIVE networking session today! Connect one-on-one with students following our Hour with a Tech Recruiter event ā€“ 1PM - 2PM PDT!

šŸ’¬ How to participate:

  1. Answer the icebreaker activity ā€“ What do you wish you knew when you first started learning to code or design?
  2. Share your LinkedIn profile URL for other students to connect to
  3. Share links and/or screenshots of the projects you've been working on
  4. Share your interests, hobbies, etc!
  5. Chat with other students here by responding to their posts!

Make those connections, support each other, leave some endorsements/recommendations on other student's LinkedIn profiles, lend a helping hand to folx in search of work in tech, and give some positive feedback on fellow student's projects. We're all on this learning journey together!

I'll kick things off! šŸ’¬

I'm Ryan Mouser, the Content & Community Marketing Specialist here at Treehouse. My pronouns are he/him. I was 15 years old when I started learning to code in PHP for a popular text-based MMORPG game. I've been with Treehouse for over 2 years now and have had the amazing opportunity to wear many different hats. I've been learning with Treehouse since 2015 (you can check out my previous profile here).

Currently, I'm working alongside our world-class team on some exciting opportunities to bring the Treehouse Community closer together. Stay tuned! šŸ˜€

Outside of Treehouse, I have the joy of living life with my incredible wife, our 3 awesome kids, and our 2 cat furbabies. We love to make music, garden, cook, play games, and watch fun TV.

I wish I knew about resources like Treehouse when I first started learning to code. I did learn how to Google and ask for help ā€“ but having an online training resource would have leveled me up much quicker.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here. Looking forward to connecting with y'all!

Hoping you all stay safe, healthy, and well!

Hour with a Tech Recruiter

Register for Hour with a Tech Recruiter!

In this live event today at 12PM PDT, Treehouse Founder and CEO Ryan Carson will facilitate a conversation with Reddit Senior Technical Recruiter, Javier Dutan. They will discuss tangible tips for folks looking to stand out among other candidates and land a job in tech.

This interview will end with a live Q&A portion from the audience followed by a networking hour for attendees from 1-2PM PDT.

Good day, Hello everyone i made a new linkedin account and manage to find if not all a few of you because other people did not have any pictures or have a lot of common or similar names, if you have seen my invitation please do accept it. i thank you in advance, for those who i was not able to send an invite please do feel free to connect with me on this link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karl-russell-sumando-menil-715a48205/ Best regards, Karl Russell Sumando Menil

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Mel Rumsey
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Mel Rumsey
Treehouse Staff

Hey Ya'll! :D I haven't done one of these in a while!! In the voice of a Klingon Today is a good day to Network. xD

So, I am Mel! I am a Student Success Specialist for the Python Tech Degree!

There are several things that I wish I would have done when I was first starting to learn how to code. 1) I wish I would have been more patient with myself earlier on. I quit my job to learn how to code full time and felt a major time crunch to learn and get a job. I initially was rushing through videos without pausing or re-watching them. I would have let off the gas a bit and told myself to just enjoy the learning process. 2) Another thing is that I had previously been terrified of networking, but I discovered that it's so important to find and build a community of like-minded folx who are also learning. I discovered that it isn't scary at all, it's just talking with other people who "get it". 3) Ask for help more often. That was a big one for me at first. I just always wanted to figure it out (which isn't bad at all up to a certain point) but sometimes there would be hours/days that I was stuck on the same problem and if I had just reached out to one of my communities, I would have learned what the issue was and moved forward.

You can follow me on LinkedIn! I post a lot of 100 Days of Code videos :)

I am currently working on the JavaScript Techdegree and also building a fun RPG with C# and Unity. You can check out my youtube channel here for the game dev progress!

I also run a social group called the League of Feminist Coders! Let me know on Linkedin if you are interested in joining :D

I am looking forward to connecting with you all ^_^

Bryant Parsons
Bryant Parsons
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Student 7,123 Points

Hey Everyone,

My name is Bryant Parsons. I'm a student making my way through the FSJS degree here at Treehouse. This is my first time participating in networking Thursday. Honestly, I'm a bit intimidated and wrestling with imposter syndrome even as I participate in this. Still feels kinda surreal that I'm becoming a "coder." I have formal training in theology and spent time as a minister before losing my job. I decided that I wanted to change my career, and since I had an interest in tech, decided to explore coding. This eventually led me to treehouse. While this new world is challenging, I'm enjoying everything that I'm learning.

I'm currently living in NYC and when I'm not coding I'm usually gaming. Call of Duty is the game of choice.

What I wish I new when I first started to code was how much research I would have to do in order to complete projects. I feel like I've learned just as much from Google as I've learned from the techdegree videos. :)

Here's my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryant-parsons-b548676a

Jonathan Tucker
Jonathan Tucker
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Student 12,466 Points

One thing I wish I knew when I started learning to code was not to give up so easily.

Hello everyone. I'm Jonathan, and I'm a FSJS TD student. I initially started as FEWD TD in November 2020, but decided to pivot this year to take on the the challenge of learning JS.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Here's a link to my profile I created. I'll admit that I haven't updated recently because I've been to busy learning JS.

I'm passionate about American football and the NFL. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. I love all things data analytics.

I have recently started blog to record my journey of pivoting to a developer career. You can go here to view it.

I am just a rookie in my first year, currently doing my first project. I go by Chris. I wish i knew that avenues to our passions are now available to us, constantly, we just got to tap and lock it in. Nice hearing different testimonies from those i share a common path of mastering the art of coding. I was delighted in tapping into the inspiration from you guys rich experience of trials and errors, and of the glory of your rewarding achievements. I still gotta a long way to go, excuse me for the long sentences.