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Oleg Mogytych
Oleg Mogytych
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New code without explanation in video

During the study, I have noticed that some parts of code, used on video, missed in previous lesson.

For example, as i can see in the video, there are some tags like "div" and "main" that was NOT disscussed in the previous lessons? The same was in the last one video - i have noticed that every article in "related articles" now splitted into "header", "footer", and such moments like "post date" and "author" added. But there was nothing about it in last lesson. What is going on? Are there any additional tasks that must be done that i have missed? How to be "in one line" with course if you add some new type of code without explanation?

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Owen Bell
Owen Bell
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These concepts are brought up earlier in the track, during the "Structuring your Content" segment - perhaps you tested out of this area when you weren't fully confident on the topics discussed?

Find the information you're looking for in these videos:

If there are any other areas where you think that content may have been missed, review ALL previous track contents carefully, and see if there is a video covering the information you need. If you can't find what you're looking for, or you have any questions regarding the material, come back to the forums for help and advice.