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New tutorials for advanced javascript users?

Hi guys i'm suggesting to create some new tutorials related to javascript application development. Like Backbone.js, Angular, Ember, RequireJs That would be awesome to learn here, you guys create the most awesome tutorials.

Best regards

I would really love some tutorials on TDD in javascript using something like jasmine

7 Answers

I would second that request.

In particularly, the ones you've mentioned, but also, there's a tutorial called, "Javascript from null", and I think learning something like how to architect, not just use, something like 3d.js, backbone, angular, require.js, etc would be more educational as a tutorial. Building your own relevant solutions and knowing how to recognise when something is a good fit for a project over just how to use an existing library.


Boyan Angelov
Boyan Angelov
26,485 Points

Yes, I also think it is a great idea. There is so much emphasis on Ruby/Rails on TTH, JS deserves more attention.

Timothy Boland
Timothy Boland
18,237 Points

i think the reason they emphasize RoR...is because currently there is more RoR work than there is good RoR developers to fill the void....javascript on the other hand...there are tons of developers that have been using it since the 90s and they are able to learn the new js technologies very quickly...so there is no shortage for JS work....

RoR is a good way to get a great paying gig FAST...even if you are new....they need all the help they can get.

A potentially useful place to consider JS as well, would be in node.js, socket.io and node-webkit where you can make desktop apps, which can be quite an interesting area to get into without having to learn another language.

Yeah i agree to learning Javascript from the ground, but i saw those particular javascript libraries start to gain importance on the market of developers, in particular way backbone.js power many web applications as USA today, Hulu, Soundcloud Mobile, Disqus and many others. and yeah Javascript deserves more attention, I agree Boyan

Timothy Boland
Timothy Boland
18,237 Points

They have a lot of advanced javascript projects under Bonus...They are harder to find now, since the Search box isnt working as well since the Redesign. You used to be able to just type in javascript and ALL of them would come up in the results:

Have you checked these out? -

HTML5 Mobile Web Applications - uses Backbone http://teamtreehouse.com/library/html5-mobile-web-application

Building with AngularJS and API;s http://teamtreehouse.com/library/treehouse-workshops/building-with-angularjs-and-apis

Object Oriented JavaScript http://teamtreehouse.com/library/treehouse-workshops/programming-stepbystep-objectoriented-javascript-part-1

Code Racer: - uses Node, Socket IO, Facebook Integration http://teamtreehouse.com/library/code-racer

And there are several others here:


After taking these courses, i think you will see why there arent alot of tutorials on the latest js technologies....because they change SO FAST...

I feel, that if you have already taken the basic Javascript courses here...you have enough knowledge to go out on your own and play with these new libraries yourself...remember its just javascript....

my 2 cents

Thanks man!!, yeah i clicked on the sidebar of this new app, but this should show related content of something like that. i search for javascript topic http://teamtreehouse.com/library/topic:javascript maybe some fixes of usability here guys or creating real categories for videos and tutorials, something like related content or workshops btw, thanks Timothy nice tough about technologies changes so fast i agree with that, i started as a designers years ago working with a bit of javascript and jQuery but i noticed javascript applications start to become more common in web apps and large scale app development.

I'm reading this book a great resource: http://addyosmani.github.io/backbone-fundamentals/

but i prefer videos ;) hahaha thank you guy for your responses. I hope to see a backbone workshop here on treehouse :)

A course on node.js and web sockets would be nice. It would open doors to multiplayer gaming, social web chats, and increased interactivity.