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見綸 陳
見綸 陳
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No child elements?

Since our application contains no child elements we'll make it a self-closing tag

What does this mean in 5:48?

Because some reason we use <Application /> in first parameter. Like following

ReactDOM.render(<Application/>, document.getElementById('container'));

Does it mean in some cases we use <Application><Application/>?

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Angelica Hart Lindh
Angelica Hart Lindh
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Hi there,

In React world if a component, in your case <Application />, has no child elements then we are not required to set an explicit closing tag, such as <Application></Application>.

By no child elements, it means within that return block of code there are no child elements such as <div> tags that need to be rendered when the <Application />component is returned.

React docs about components

Let me know if you still require further advice.


見綸 陳
見綸 陳
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Thanks for your reply. For more detail, here is an example

I create a component class and render it into a div with id="treehouse"

var Application = React.createClass({
  render: function(props) {
      <div className="title">
  <Application />,

In the return block h1 tag is in the div tag but we still can render Application with <Application />

Nick Banford
Nick Banford
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You could have it so that you could use. <Application><MyOtherComponent /></Application>. So in your Application component it would use the <MyOtherComponent /> and render it within your <Application /> component.

This allows you to create flexible components and compose UIs from a combination of components.

What I would suggest is to continue with the course and you'll see examples of this soon I'm sure.