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No idea what to do here.

I know the upper and lower functions, but other than that I have no idea how to proceed.

Appreciate any answers with explanations.
def sillycase
.upper() .lower() 

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You have the right idea about using the methods for case conversion, but they need to be attached to the name of a string variable to work. Here's a few general hints about constructing the function:

  • when defining a function, the function name should be followed by parentheses
  • if the function takes argument(s), their names should be inside those parentheses
  • the "len" function might be useful for determining how many characters should be in each half
  • you can use a slice to get the separate halves of the string
  • you might create some temporary variables to hold parts of the string while working with them
  • you can join string parts back together using concatenation (+)

Hope that helps, and remember you can always go back and review any videos if you need a refresher.