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Brent Capuano
Brent Capuano
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NO idea where to start or finish. Please help

i have been working on this for a while. cant figure it out. please help

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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You probably know how to do at least some of the work for this task, like:

  • define a function
  • show that the function takes an argument
  • give the parameter (that stands for the argument) a name
  • add the statement that will cause a value to be returned
  • determine how long a string is
  • compute what half of a value is
  • use a slice to get part of a string
  • convert a string to lower case
  • convert a string to upper case

At least give it a "good faith" try and do the parts that you can. Then post the code you have so far if you still need help with the rest.