HTML HTML Basics Images, Text and Links Text Level Elements Challenge

Lynn Collins
Lynn Collins
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No need to comment.....

I'm just posting this because I can't get that stupid preview thing out of my's the only way I can see my text in full. Sorry

<!DOCTYPE html> 
    <title>HTML Text</title>
    <p>Mike's favorite course is <strong><i>HTML Basics</strong></i></p>
     <strong>Mike T. Frog</strong></br>
      100 Lilypad Way</br>
      Portland, OR 97227</br>
Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Lynn Collins — If you didn't mean to make a permanent post you can delete it, just click the little rectangle with the 3 dots to reveal the option.

Also, being able to close or resize the preview pane would be a nice feature. You may want to send a suggestion in to the Support staff.

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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Note: you can only delete questions that have no answers. So if you want to delete this one, you'll first need to delete this "answer".