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Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall
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No rounding error in my workspace

When I type 1+1+1-3 or 4+3-7, I just get a flat zero. It's nice that there are no rounding errors, but there have been other similarly streamlined simplifications in other modules that have prevented me from taking advantage of learning through fixes (as would have been provided in the case of employing the 'round' fix).

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Hi Chris. I know I'm familiar with what you've experienced before. It's always possible to look them up:

python docs: rounding error

python rounding error in Stack Overflow

For now, I recommend you simply don't worry about it until it comes up, because when you have a specific problem to solve, it's easiest to address it that way. In this scenario, it is best to be reactive rather than proactive :)

Of course if you're trying to solve something in particular, please let us know.