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No Workspace is present with the video

The video Posting Data with jQuery doesn't include a workspace. Other treehouse videos have also not included a workspace. How can treehouse students follow along and retain the information presented in the video? Is there another method to use besides workspace for following along with the video?

I would recommend downloading the video project files, creating a local server to follow along...

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I think the places where there is no workspace, you just expected to observe. Then, usually in the next video you will start back following along. However if you really want to follow along anyway there's good, open source text editors out there. Download one or several and use them to follow along. There's a learning curve to all of them. But it's a whole other experience. atom, sublimeText and brackets have been my far.

Thanks, John, for the explanation, and the other text editor recommendations.


Jeremy Castanza
Jeremy Castanza
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John, I agree with you that having a Workspace on this one would probably be helpful. Nevertheless, I understand why they didn't. They'd need a server environment that would support posting data and would need a server side script for processing it (i.e. NodeJS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc.). This would probably confuse newcomers since it's beyond the scope of this course. There's also the security side aspect of this as well. If Treehouse is allowing server side scripts to be executed, it could compromise their environment.

I do agree though. Maybe in time, they'll have a special use case environment that allows students to test the points where client meets server.