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melissa brown
melissa brown
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not developing locally?

im using cyberduck. i see all wordpress files in the public html folder. if i wanted to drag and drop my theme inside cyberduck. which folder would i put it in? on the setting up a theme folder video they are developing locally and it shows theme folders that are on their wordpress admin page. but i cant find that folder in the folders in cyberduck. how do i upload my own themes inside?

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Patrick O'Dacre
Patrick O'Dacre
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If you have WordPress installed in the root folder "public_html" then go to wp_content > themes to add your theme folder.

But if you have WordPress installed in a sub-folder, then you'll have an extra step:

  1. Go to public_html
  2. Go to sub-folder in which you installed WordPress
  3. wp-content folder > themes

So final path should look like this:


in which you'll have your functions.php, style.css, etc.

or if you have WordPress installed in a sub-folder the path will be:


hope that helps.