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Not show my results area in my Xcode for whay?

I install the xcode in my mac, in the moment when write the variables not show the results area, how do for show this ?

Prinal Vadgama
Prinal Vadgama
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"You might benefit from trying this solution:

Go to View > Debug Area > Activate Console

And press the 'Play' sign that comes up along with the new windows from the bottom of Xcode's application window.

Quentin Jobs
Quentin Jobs
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Thank you. I had the same question. Now it is sorted. Cheers!

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Quinton Gordon
Quinton Gordon
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In Xcode go to the menu at the top of your Mac and navigate to the following:

View > Assistant Editor

and make sure "Assistant Editor on right" is checked.

Stephen Emery
Stephen Emery
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This seems to be an issue with older versions of Xcode. Try downloading an update to xcode. If that doesn't work, someone also suggested opening the debug area when running your code.

Please attach a screenshot

Thanks for this tip, but unfortunately not works :(

Make sure you are working in a new playground file.