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matt thurmond
matt thurmond
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Not sure how to answer this question since using multiple selectors wasn't covered.

Is there a clear overview of the different ways to use multiple selectors with the querySelectorAll method? I couldn't find one in this lesson or online.

This question asks for several things, like only selecting links within list items that have a certain ID. The lesson only really covered the ability to use one selector, i.e. querySelectorAll('#rainbow'), not multiple selectors.

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Justin Horner
Justin Horner
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Hello Matt,

Think of passing multiple selectors to querySelectorAll as you would when creating CSS rulesets where you may string together various parts to create a single selector (e.g., div.highlighted > p).

The MDN documentation for querySelectAll explains this well by describing the "selectors" parameter as

A DOMString containing one or more selectors to match against. This string must be a valid CSS selector string;...

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other related questions. Happy coding 🙂