Databases Reporting with SQL Aggregate and Numeric Functions Counting Results

Not sure what I am missing, eyes going crossed. If you can help me see the invisible I would be grateful.

Here is the problem:

Challenge Task 1 of 2 In the library database, how many books are with the genre of "Science Fiction"?

Alias the result as scifi_book_count.

The books table has the columns id, title, author, genre and first_published.

Here is my query as asked but it's not giving me the little green check mark. Any thoughts on what I am missing?

BTW its early and my coffee isn't fully activated so don't judge to harshly :)

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT genre) as "scifi_book_count" FROM books WHERE genre = "Science Fiction";

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Since you are counting the number of books you don't want to use the distinct clause. Your query will return 1 since there is only one distinct genre "Science Fiction". It should be:

SELECT COUNT(*) as "scifi_book_count" FROM books WHERE genre = "Science Fiction";

Got it, thanks!