Python Flask Basics Character Builder Looping Through Items

Not sure what I'm missing here?

What am I misunderstanding in the question?

    {% for option in options %}
        {% print(option) %}
    {% endfor %}

I tested this in Pycharm and using the following OPTIONS:

    "shirts": [
    "pants": [
    "hat": [
    "glasses": [
    "footwear": [
    "colors": [

I got back 6 item names.

The challenge says I'm missing <li> tags.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman
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The challenge wants the name attribute of the option, so use {{ }}

Jon Hockley
Jon Hockley
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Hi Tony,

You're using the incorrect tags to output your option. You ought to be using

{{ option }}

To output the current item