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Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali
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Not sure where i am going wrong

can anyone help me i do not know where I am going wrong.

Randy Layne
Randy Layne
Treehouse Staff

Hi Hasan!

Would you mind posting what you've tried and we'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction! ;)

As a general info thing, make sure you are checking that the price is greater than 11 and not products

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Randy Layne
Randy Layne
Treehouse Staff

Hi saadmeah!

When looking at your answers for Q2 and Q3 I noticed that the quotation marks being used are different between the two. Sure enough when I paste in your answer for Q3 as is, it fails, but if I paste it in and then change the quotation marks it works!

Hope this helps!


Q1: DELETE FROM products WHERE price >= 11;

Q2: DELETE FROM users WHERE username = "poley_hands";

Q3: DELETE FROM phone_book WHERE first_name = “Jonathan” AND last_name = “Luna”;

Q1 and Q2 are correct, but for Q3 I can’t seem to get it right.

Thank you Randy :)

Q3 is now passed!