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JavaScript JavaScript Basics (Retired) Creating Reusable Code with Functions Create a max() Function

mustafa attaie
mustafa attaie
8,068 Points

Not understanding functions and arguements

I'm not sure if i just don't understand how this question is phrased or if I'm actually not understanding it? Can anyone give me some insight on what I'm doing wrong and mind clarifying exactly what I'm doing wrong?

function max(5,2) {
  if(5 > 2) {
    return 5
Shaheer Mir
Shaheer Mir
11,599 Points

Hi, The function should work for any two numbers, not just 5 and 2. The two numbers that your function takes in are known as arguments. You can name these arguments whatever you like. The function should look something like the following:

function max(num1, num2){
    if(num1 > num2){
        return num1;
        return num2;

Now, you can call the function using any two numbers, and the function will return the larger of the two numbers. e.g. max(5,2);

Tushar Singh
Tushar Singh
Courses Plus Student 8,692 Points
// function name "max"
function max(num1, num2) { // arguments num1, num2( you can name them "a"  and "b", or x, y, lemon, anything )
  if (num1 > num2) {   
    return num1;
  }  else {
    return num2;

alert(max(5,10)); // 2nd challenge

// you can use any numbers you want
// just changed the arguments

So, basically a function is a set of instructions .In this case our function is set to give the max value every time an argument is passed. So now what are arguments? Well, arguments are nothing just you can say values which you want to use.

You just created a function "max" which takes two arguments and you can name it anything you want. What this function is doing basically it just returns the number which has the higher value than the other.

Added if else statements because what if the user types a higher value in the 1st argument and later on decides that may be for no reason the higher value looks nice in the second argument, then what? thats why an else statement.

I hope it helps ;)

1 Answer

You are doing a wonderful job! :smiley: There is still a couple problems, though. So first, you cannot have numbers as the first letter in a variable or argument name. Second, you need to add an else clause to the "if" condition. That's it for the first task. For the second task, you should alert the result of "max(<num1>, <num2>)". You can use any integer (number) to replace the <num1> and <num2>, but I choose 10 and 15. This is the full code:

function max(a, b) {
  if (a > b) {
    return a;
  } else {
    return b;

alert( max(10, 15) );

:dizzy: Hope that helps!