Databases Reporting with SQL Ordering, Limiting and Paging Results Paging Through Results

Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali
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Not understanding what the question is asking

Can anyone help me I am not sure if my code is wrong or if i am simply not understanding the question.

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Hi Hasan,

The question is asking you to retrieve all columns, sort the list alphabetically by title, and retrieve only ten of those records, BUT it wants those to be records 11-20, not 1-10. In other words, you could imagine it as the "second page of results" if you could only see ten records at a time.

When I did this problem, I also had a bit of trouble getting all the keywords in the right order. I can't see your code, but that may be causing you a problem too.

I tried the following code and it worked.


Jennifer Nordell
Jennifer Nordell
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