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Not working.

How would you move the 1 to the front?
messy_list = ["a", 2, 3, 1, False, [1, 2, 3]]

# Your code goes below here
one = messy_list.pop(1)
messy_list.insert(0, one) 
Nate Spry
Nate Spry
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You don't want to put the 1 itself inside of .pop(). Instead, you need to put the index number in there. Your code is taking the 2 and moving it to the front because you said, .pop(1). To move the 1 you would need to do:

one = messy_list.pop(3)
messy_list.insert(0, one)

Let me know if that makes sense!

Ah of course! Thank you Nate, that is so helpful!

1 Answer

Remember that .pop takes an index of not the value of the element you want to "pop."

Try something like messy_list.pop(messy_list.index(1)) instead.

I hope this helps ;)