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NOTE PAD Can I work with Note Pad.

I think using Note pad could be better each time I go offline on my Pc.

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Ryan Ruscett
Ryan Ruscett
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You could use notpad but what notepad doesn't have is auto completion. It doesn't really matter what editor you use, whether its sublime, vscode, visual studio, intellij, eclipse, phpstorm I mean there are millions. Remember when you code, and you say hit the period "." with code completion you will get a list of things you can put after the . Which is huge, helps you explore your code possibilities. Each editor has it's benefits. I am currently working with vscode. I like vscode because I use a mac, and I can do " . code" and it loads that entire folder into a vscode editor. I can start coding right away. I can also do code commits with git etc. It also has auto completion and it's lightweight and easy. Things like eclipse are awesome for large projects, because it has awesome debugging, but it's also pretty heavy and a ton of configuration possibilities. It comes down to how you want to code and the level of coding you will do and the complexity of the application. Although, notepad is definitely not something I would use. Maybe notepad++ for quick changes in languages i am super confident in programming in. It's up to you.

Or for C#, visual studio which can be installed offline.

Good one :)

Yes! Any text editor can be used for any programming project. However, I recommend using a better text editor like Atom, Treehouse Workspaces, Sublime Text or Brackets.

Randy Eichelberger
Randy Eichelberger
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There really is no reason to use anything other than VS/VSCode. Intellisense for C# is best with those. If you're learning it's invaluable. Using notepad is doing things the hard way, and you still have to compile the code. VS will tell you errors as you go, notepad will not.

Visual Studio is free

Jacob Shumer
Jacob Shumer
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Technically you can but it will not be as helpful as programs like Visual Studio and other programs like that that you can run the program on.