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Thomas Barkel
Thomas Barkel
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Nothing is happening when I Submit

Nothing is happening when I click Submit, suggestions?

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Mark Casavantes
Mark Casavantes
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Good Morning Thomas,

Please submit your code so we can have a look and be more helpful.


Corey Butler
Corey Butler
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I'm having the same issue. Here is my JS:

function random_number(num) { // New function called random_choice that takes one parameter, num (or a number) // Get a random number between 0 and a passed-in number var num = num || 4 // If no number passed in, default to 4 return Math.floor(Math.random() * num); // Round the answer down (floor) of a random number between 0 and 1 and multiply it by a number. Then return a value and exit the function. }

function mash_choice() { // New function called mash_choice that doesn't take any parameters // Since MASH is a special case, give it its own list var mash = ['an arena of ping pong champions', 'the playground at Chic fil A', 'a mansion made of McDonald's fries', 'a loving home filled with dolphins']; // The array of choices to pick from var randomNum = random_number(4); // Use the above function to get a number between 0 and 4 return mash[randomNum]; // Return the list item the random number function just picked and exit the function }

function get_answer(category) { // Get a random answer from the available answers in a given category var choices = []; // A blank array to hold the user provided answer
var selector = 'input[name="' + category + '[]"]'; // Build a CSS selector for the blanks in our passed in category var inputs = document.querySelectorAll(selector); // Get all of the inputs that match our selector var answer;

for (var i = 0; i < inputs.length; i++) {  // Begin a for loop that will run through the code. i++ = add one to the counter which is "i"
    answer = inputs[i].value;  // Get the input with the index value of the counter and get the value ie. if they typed in dog, you get back "dog" 
    if (answer !== '') {  // If answer doesn't equal a blank... !== means doesn't equal 
        choices.push(answer); //...add it to the end of the list 
return choices[random_number(choices.length)];   // Pick and return a random choice choice.length = number of answers the user provided in that category 


function fill_in_answers(answers) { // Find the spans that need filled var home = document.querySelector('#home'); // This says make a new variable and find the HTML tag that has the ID of "home" var profession = document.querySelector('#profession'); var pet = document.querySelector('#pet'); var location = document.querySelector('#location');

// Fill them with the provided answers
home.innerText = answers['mash'];
profession.innerText = answers['profession'];
pet.innerText = answers['pet'];
location.innerText = answers['location'];
home.innerHTML = answers.mash;  // Change the content of the element in the HTML doc with the id "home" to the "mash" value in answers 
profession.innerHTML = answers.profession;  // Change the content of the element in the HTML doc with the id "career" to the "career" value in answers 
pet.innerHTML =;
location.innerHTML = answers.location;


function handle_submission(evt) { evt.preventDefault(); // Stop the form from reloading the page evt.stopPropagation(); // Stop the form from reloading the page

// Build up our answers object
var answers = {
    'mash': mash_choice(),
    'profession': get_answer('profession'),
    'pet': get_answer('pet'),
    'location': get_answer('location')
// Fill in the answers

var answer_div = document.querySelector('#answers');


// Find the form on the page and attach a handler for when it's submitted var form = document.querySelector('#mash');
form.addEventListener('submit', handle_submission); // Anytime the form is submitted, we want to call the function handle_submission

Corey Butler
Corey Butler
1,893 Points

Sorry - here is my snapshot of my code: Thank you to anyone that can help!