Python Python Basics (2015) Number Game App Number Game Takeaways

Number game extra credit. I think I got it. It works anyway.

import random
def game():
    def pc_guess(a, b):
        return random.randint(a, b)
    a = 1 #default value for a
    b = 10 #default value for b
    my_num = input("Enter a number 1 - 10: ")
        my_num = int(my_num)
    except ValueError:
        print("ERROR: enter a number 1 - 10, ie: 1,2,3...")
        if ValueError:
            game() #restart game if error is called
    else: #if no error, run the following code

        times = 0 #just to track how many loops run
        while True:
            times += 1 #each iteration add 1
            rn = pc_guess(a, b)#call the random number fn, default values
            print("try {}, pc guess is {}".format(times, rn)) #show iteration and pc guess
            print("a = {} and b = {}".format(a, b)) # show the current value of a and b
            if rn < my_num:
                a += 1 # raise lower param if the pc guess is low
            elif rn > my_num:
                b -= 1 #lower upper param if pc guess is high
            else: # if it's not < or >
                print("{}, Everyones a winner!".format(rn))

        replay = input("Play again? Y/n ")
        if replay != "n":
            print("Thank you for playing.")