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Arthur Walton
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number guessing game help / python

Hey There, So i'm having a bit of trouble with my code. I feel as if it's right, but for some reason it won't run. Is there just some spacing issues, or is there something deeper wrong with my code? Thanks in advance for helping me out.

import random

min_number = 1
max_number = 20

random_number = random.randint(min_number, max_number)
guesses = []

def start_game():
    Welcome to Sonny's Spectacular Number Guessing Game!!!
    How to play: Guess a number between 1 and 20. Don't worry if you get the number incorrect, Sonny will be there to help you along the way. Good Luck!

    while guesses != 0:
        while True:
            guess = int(input("Choose a number between 1 and 20"))
            if guess < max_number or guess > min_number:
        except ValueError:
            print("PLease choose a number inside the range of 1 through 20")
        guesses +=1    
        if guess == random_number:
            print("Sonny thinks you've found the right number!! It took you {} guesses to get the right number".format(guesses))
        elif guess < random_number:
            print("Sonny thinks your number is a bit cold, try something higher!")
        elif guess > random_number:
            print("Sonny thinks your number is a bit hot, try something lower!")
    return guesses

    while True:
    print("Sonny wants to know if you want to play again? Y/N")
    restart = input("")
    if restart.lower() == "y":

    elif restart.lower() =="n"
        print("Thanks again for playing")


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Steven Parker
Steven Parker
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Python is very difficult to analyze without the original indentaion. To preserve the appearance of your code, use the instructions for code formatting in the Markdown Cheatsheet pop-up below the "Add an Answer" area. :arrow_heading_down:   Or watch this video on code formatting.

In the meantime, one error the I spotted already is that the "except" should not be inside a conditional ("if") that separates it from the "try".