Object-Oriented Swift Challenge Task 1 of 1 RGBColor exercise works in my online playground but does not pass the "test"

struct RGBColor {
  let red: Double
  let green: Double
  let blue: Double
  let alpha: Double
  let description: String

  // Add your code below

  init (red: Double, green: Double, blue: Double, alpha: Double, description: String) {
    self.red = red
    self.green = green
    self.blue = blue
    self.alpha = alpha
    self.description = "red: \(red), green: \(green), blue: \(blue), alpha: \(alpha)"

let myRGBColor = RGBColor(red: 86.0, green: 191.0, blue: 131.0, alpha: 1.0, description: "")

Does anyone know why this code does not pass the test so I can move on to the next part?
It runs just fine in the online Playground I am using... The last two lines are just to test the structure - they are not part of the exercise.

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You don't need to pass in description. That is built from the other properties.

Also remove your test code at the end.