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Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison
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Objects Challenge

I cannot get the syntax correct for Task 4 of 4

Challenge Task 4 of 4

PalprimeChecker objects have a method called isPalprime(). This method does not receive any arguments. It returns true if the number property contains a palprime, and it returns false if the number property does not contain a palprime. (Tip: 17 is not a palprime.) Turn the second echo statement into a conditional that displays "is" or "is not" appropriately. The conditional should call the isPalprime method of the $checker object. If the isPalprime method returns true, then echo "is"; otherwise, echo "is not".

Guidance would be appreciated


2 Answers

Hi Daniel!

In code below you can find answer.

But, despite that, what problems with syntax do you have? Can you show us your code sample? After that we can direct you to the right point and give more specific answers :)



$checker = new PalprimeChecker();
$checker->number = 17;

echo "The number ".$checker->number;
echo ($checker->isPalprime())? "is" : "is not";
echo " a palprime.";


Best regards.

Andrew Dovganyuk
Andrew Dovganyuk
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Серега привет подскажи пожалуйста как ты скрин с кодом отображаешь?

Привет )



<p>между ними вставляешь код</p>


<p>между ними вставляешь код</p>

вместо html можно писать php, сss, js. Вот тут статейка с дополнительными пояснениями

Andrew Dovganyuk
Andrew Dovganyuk
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Спасибо Серега за инфу!!!